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Boker OEM Subcom Folding Knife

posted 8 Jun 2011, 03:09 by Camping in Taiwan

Compact size: 70mm
Unfolded size: 115mm
Weight: 70g
Blade length: 60mm
Material: Stainless Steel

For those who do not wish to carry a big knife, this compact knife will be ideal for survival kit, emergency rescue. 
It is lightweight and come with a pocket clip for easy carry. Clip to your backpack hardness for quick access when needed.
Comes with Lanyard hole. The mini folding is small, so you might need two hands to open the blade.

First Aid Latex Gloves

posted 1 May 2011, 11:30 by CiT Admin

This is one of the most important item for your own protection. 
Using this gloves while attending to First Aid will protect you for unnecessary contamination such as HIV.
Another usage you can double as a wet glove or to protect you from cold wind over the existing gloves.


Commando Wire Saw

posted 1 May 2011, 06:50 by CiT Admin


70cm Commando Wire Saw for making shelter, gathering fire wood etc.
Made of carbon steel comes with custom Paracord wrapping for EDC key chain or storage protection.


Recommend not to use the split ring but if needed use the Paracord to make a handle. 
It allows less strain on your fingers.


P-38 Can Opener

posted 26 Apr 2011, 08:02 by Camping in Taiwan

Imported from USA
Made of Carbon Steel
Small and Compact 
Must have tool for Urban Survival
Size: 38mm

Duct Tape

posted 26 Apr 2011, 05:33 by Camping in Taiwan

One of the most essential item in camping and Survival Kit.
Comes in Silver and Red each of 2 meters. 
Prefer choice is the 2.5cm rather that the 5cm size as it is easier for any work.
With the 2.5cm size you can store your duct tape in this manner

Usage of Duct Tape
  • When lost in the wilderness, you can use the red duct tape as markers
  • Used for wounds or closing wounds to prevent infection.
  • Use for repair such as tent, backpack or any other.
  • Waterproofing



PureEasy Pocket Water Filter

posted 26 Apr 2011, 05:28 by Camping in Taiwan

Free Worldwide Shipping
Product Patent No. ZL200620063423.9 

Stop using purification tablets and wasting time on DIY field filters. The Pure Easy Handheld Filter aka Soldier's Water Filter is so compact and weights almost nothing. Filter cartridge can filters up to 2000 Litres of water and it is cleanable and replaceable. Removes 99.9999% bacteria with 0.1μm ceramic membranes cartridge.
Pure Easy Handheld Water Filter is the lightest, smallest water filter. Turns rain, lake, and river water into drinkable water immediately! Ideal for hiking, fishing, hunting, survival, military, foreign travel, emergency, etc. 

It is also an affordable source of drinking water for people who live in the conflict, riot area, remote villages and tribes. Easy to operate and low cost maintenance.

· Compact 
· Light weight less than 90g. 
· Environment friendly: washable filter cartridge. 
· Fineness filtration: 0.1 micron filtration through unique dual ceramic membranes.

Technical Data: 
Size of ceramic membrane's aperture: 0.1 micron 
Output: Approx. 0.3 l/min (10 oz. per minute) 
Capacity: 2,000 liters (530 gallons) 
Weight: Approx. 88g (3 oz.) 
Dimensions: 13.8×5.7×2.8cm 
Material: ABS plastic, Ceramic, Nano-metal clusters media (NMC) 

(1) Unique dual ceramic membranes cartridge (Patent No. ZL200510033632.9) 
· Entirely removes bacteria in water like Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella typhi, Vibrio cholerae, Legionella pneumophila, Giardia intestinalis. 
· Filters out particles down to 0.1 micron — compare to the best commercially available unit that filters down to 0.2 micron! 
· Entirely removes suspended contaminants of protozoa, algae, worms, dusts, etc. 

(2) Nano-metal clusters media (Patent No. ZL200610034167.5) 
· Highly efficiently removes heavy metal ions in water such as Pb2+, Cd2+, Cr6+, As3+, etc. 
· Efficiently decreases organic pollutants. 
· Having a good ability to remove odors and cloudiness.

*See below attachment on product Lab Test by German TUV lab


Comes with Digital Camo stuff bag

 Package details

Filter Comparison

Mini First Aid Kit

posted 26 Apr 2011, 04:58 by Camping in Taiwan

First Aid Kit are necessary for outdoor, carrying a minimum First Aid is better than none. 
Untreated injury could lead to fatal infection thus this kit is cater more towards disinfection.

4 x band aid (small cuts) exp: 2020/03
4 x Povidone-iodine Swabsticks (disinfection) exp: 2013/02
4 x alcohol swap (disinfection, wound cleaning or use as fire starter) exp: 2014/06
2 x non-woven pad 10cm (large cuts or cut to the desired size) exp: 2015/10

All items are new stock, comes with written expiry dates

Fishing Kit

posted 20 Apr 2011, 10:13 by CiT Admin   [ updated 26 Apr 2011, 03:33 by Camping in Taiwan ]

Comes with 6 metres fishing line, 6 pallet sinker, 6 hooks of 2 different sizes and a straw floater
You can use the Paracord inner strand to create an artificial lure.

Hunting Kit

posted 20 Apr 2011, 09:58 by CiT Admin

Comes with 4 steel Nails and 1 meter of aircraft grade rush proof lock wire. These are premium wire to be 
used in aircraft industry. The nails can be use for making weapons such as spear or arrow. The steel wire 
is use for making traps. This kit can also be use as a repair kit. 

View Youtube vid on snare traps

Waterproof mini E-Fire Starter with Tinder

posted 20 Apr 2011, 09:37 by CiT Admin   [ updated 1 May 2011, 10:31 ]

Custom mini Emergency Fire Starter to be carried in EDC. 
Comes in a waterproof Aluminium container and key chain holder.
10 roll of cotton Vaseline coated tinder included

Colors available: Black, Pink, Gold and Silver


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